Coming Tonight: ‘Hodappy Bird’, ‘Unpossible’ ‘Hitman Go’, and a Bunch of Other Games That Aren’t ‘Hodappy Bird’

All of the Ron Paul .gifs in the world can’t begin to explain just how amazing it is that Hodappy Bird is finally upon us. The game that is so hot it only got approved by Apple after we added an on-launch warning screen is here. Oh, and a bunch of other stuff too like Acceleroto’s Unpossible which has been getting a ridiculous amount of traction in our upcoming games forum since it was originally announced.

Here’s what’s on our radar for an eventual release at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight, or earlier than that if your home iTunes region is somewhere in Asia or Europe. I’ll be streaming all of these games later today, and probably will even start a little early to make up for being sick and missing the last two days of streams.

And as always, I expect there to be more releases that drizzle out during the day. We’ll have a full round up when these games launch tonight.