‘Frozen Synapse’ for iPad Receives “Red” Expansion Pack, On Sale for a Dollar

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Frozen Synapse (Free) just got a huge update. This brilliant strategy game was already filled with content but if you want more you can buy the Red expansion pack which adds an entire single player campaign, a new multiplayer mode called Upload, a new unit with a riot shield and you can even play against the AI with a friend in the brand new co-op missions. You can now also play the game in Red instead of blue hence the name of the expansion back. See it in action with this trailer from the PC version:

You can buy the expansion for $1.99. This update also adds Game Center achievements and fixes some pesky bugs. To celebrate this release, Frozen Synapse is on sale for 99¢ which is a really low price for a game that we thought was brilliant in our review. If you’ve got an iPhone, don’t despair as Frozen Synapse is coming to your tiny screen before the end of this year. If you’re looking for impressions, you can get some in our forums.

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