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Gameloft Posts New ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Trailer, Launching April 17th

If you found yourself excited for the teaser trailer Gameloft released last month for their upcoming movie tie-in mobile game The Amazing Spider-Man 2, then check out this latest trailer which gives a better look at the game itself. Spoiler alert: Spidey slings lots of webs and beats the crap out of a whole lot of bad guys. It looks pretty cool, check it out.

The first Amazing Spider-Man mobile game, released in 2012, showed flashes of fun with the ability to web-swing around a fairly large open city, but it was ultimately doomed due to a myriad of more fundamental problems. I’m really hoping the potential the first installment showed gets fully-realized in this sequel. We’ll find out on April 17th, when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits the App Store as a “premium" release, which’ll likely put it around the $7 to $10 range.