TA Plays: A Really Great ‘FTL’ for iPad Run – If You’re Having Trouble, Check This Out

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Yesterday on our Twitch stream I had what inadvertently turned in to one of my best runs so far in FTL ($9.99) where I actually managed to make it to the second phase of the last boss, rock a ship with fully powered weapons, and unlock a new ship randomly in the process.

FTL is a hard game with a lot of decisions and strategy that can be very important for your survival. It’s not a very forgiving game, and a lot of how long you survive has to do with how well you plan ahead to both mitigate existing problems as well as deal with potential future issues. In the stream I explained everything I was doing, along with the logic of all of the decisions I made. I’m by no means a god of FTL, but if you’re having trouble wrapping your head around the game still, be sure to give this video a look:

Seriously, just get this game already. If you’ve got an iPad, you need it. For more information, check out our review.

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