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Stealth-Based Puzzler ‘Third Eye Crime’ Gains New Publisher, Set for Release this Spring

When we first saw Moonshot Games‘ stealth-based puzzler Third Eye Crime, it was back at GDC last year, and we were really impressed. The premise is that you’re an art thief who has telepathic powers that let you predict the movement of your enemies, who in this case are security guards at a museum. You’ll use your ability to predict their movements in order to sneak right past them and steal precious works of art in a top-down style similar to older Metal Gear games or even something like Spy Mouse on mobile. Well, we haven’t heard a whole lot about Third Eye Crime since that GDC, but this week Moonshot announced they’ve partnered with Gameblyr who will publish the game and that it’s finally on schedule for release sometime this spring.

Previously, Moonshot had been wary of using a publisher as they didn’t want anyone getting in the way of their own vision, which is something they’ve experienced with publishers in the past. In fact, the studio completely funded Third Eye Crime out of their own pockets for that same reason. However, now that the game is finished they want help getting the word out, which is where Gameblyr comes in. If you’re going to be at PAX East this weekend, Third Eye Crime will be there in playable form so stop by booth #499 and check it out. Otherwise be on the lookout for the game to hit the App Store sometime this spring.