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Twitchy Avoidance Game ‘Unpossible’ Heading to the App Store April 17th

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One of my favorite upcoming games that I had a chance to play at GDC last month was Unpossible from developer Acceleroto, a twitchy obstacle avoidance game. I’ve been hoping the release would be coming up soon, and to my delight earlier this week it was announced that Unpossible will be launching on April 17th, just a couple of weeks away. To get an idea of what Unpossible is all about, check out our hands-on video with developer Bryan Duke from this past GDC:

If you like twitchy arcade games like Super Hexagon, Pivvot or Duet, then I think you’ll get a real kick out of Unpossible. It’s not the first game of this kind, but it’s polished to a high degree with a silky-smooth framerate and crisp visuals. It gets my heart racing, that’s for sure. Unpossible will launch as a premium game, likely under the five dollar mark, without any IAP shenanigans. Mark your calendars for April 17th.

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