‘Street Flapper’ Mixes ‘Flappy Bird’ and ‘Street Fighter’ Because Why Not

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Just when I was totally ready to say we’ve officially seen it all when it comes to Flappy Bird clones, spin-offs, and mash-ups something like this has to hit the App Store. Imagine, if you will, the gameplay of Flappy Bird mixed with Street Fighter. When I say mixed, I mean mixed. The sprites and sounds are directly ripped, and you play as one of the classic Street Fighter characters avoiding dhalsim’s arms. Yes. Really.

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While it’s infringing on Capcom IP in just about every way imaginable, the iTunes description does mention the game is totally free of ads and monetization and they’ll take it down if Capcom asks. So, we’re really just looking at a fun and silly fan project. Street Flapper may not be the Flappy game we deserve, but it’s certainly the Flappy game we need.

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