Crytek’s Free to Play Arena Shooter ‘The Collectables’ is Now Available

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Crytek’s latest mobile effort, The Collectables (Free) which was unveiled on the sly back at WWDC last year before being officially announced this past December, has exited its soft-launch period and is now widely available. Here’s the brief trailer that was released during the announcement in December, so you can get a quick look at what The Collectables is like.

Being from Crytek, The Collectables definitely looks impressive in the graphics department, but it’s a free to play game and published by Mobage, so that will likely turn off a lot of the target hardcore demographic it appears to be aimed at. It soft-launched about a month ago, and so far early impressions in our forums are that the freemium model diminishes what is otherwise a pretty cool game. It’s not clear if anything has been tweaked since the soft launch, but hey, it’s free to download and try so if the trailer looks cool to you then check out The Collectables for yourself.

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