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GDC 2014: ‘Phil the Pill’, a Puzzler with Dancing Pill Bugs

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Curious Media is a prolific developer on many platforms, mostly focusing on licensed IP work. However, they’re anxious to work on some of their own creations, one of which is Phil the Pill which is heading to iOS later this year. It’s a puzzler sort of like Pac-Man where you direct your pill bug down lanes and through barriers, collecting coins and rescuing your pill bug buddies. A constant threat of stinkbug stinky-ness creeps up from the bottom, keeping you on your toes as you play. Check out the hands-on video.

Despite the plethora of puzzlers on iOS, Phil the Pill is actually a lot of fun. There’s even a whole bunch of backstory explaining Phil the Pill and his battle against an invading Stinkbug, and of course the little dancing pill bugs at the end of each level are super adorable. Curious Media will be running a Kickstarter next week to hopefully get the funding needed to finish off Phil the Pill, so check that out and look for the game to hit sometime in the second half of 2014.

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