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Check Out ‘Primal Flame’, an Upcoming Atmospheric Arcade Game Where Your Finger is the Match

I love when touchscreens are used in interesting and unique ways, and the upcoming game Primal Flame from developer Irrelevant Fish does just that. You’ll start out in total darkness, but a few swipes on the screen with your finger will “light" up your match, giving you limited visibility. From there, you’ll need to collect items in order to keep your match flame going while simultaneously avoiding and burning various enemies looking to extinguish your fun. Check out the trailer.

While the trailer is brief and only offers a quick glimpse into Primal Flame, it was definitely enough to capture my attention. The lighting effects are very cool, and the action gives me an almost Tilt to Live kind of vibe, without the tilting. I’m eager to see more, and thankfully we won’t have to wait long for that as Primal Flame is set to launch next week on February 25th for $2.99 and with no IAP. If Primal Flame has caught your interest too you can check out the discussion in our forums, and keep an eye out for it next week.