‘Mikey Hooks’ and ‘Mikey Shorts’ Now Support iOS 7 Controllers, ‘Mikey Shorts’ Now Available on Android

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BeaverTap Games have updated their two main “Mikey" games, Mikey Hooks ($1.99) and Mikey Shorts ($1.99), with official support for MFi iOS 7 controllers. Owners of Mikey Shorts may have noticed that the game already received a controller support update early last week… and then again over this past weekend. Well, there was some wonky issues with the controller support in those first two updates, but today’s update seems to be right on target. As such, the sequel Mikey Hooks has received the same controller support update.

Both Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks are fantastic games even without controllers, and in fact they might be my top choices for best virtual controls in a platforming game. However, sometimes nothing beats a nice, physical controller in your hands, so owners of any of the current crop of iOS 7 controllers can now give the Mikey games a run through using them. Oh, and if you’re an Android device owner, you can finally grab Mikey Shorts over at the Google Play Store.

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