Fire Up Your Chainsaw and Your Abe Lincoln Beard, ‘Second Chance Heroes’ is Now Available

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This past November, Rocket City Studios unveiled their upcoming action game Second Chance Heroes ($0.99), and this is just a quick note to let you know that the game is now available worldwide. So what’s so great about Second Chance Heroes? Well, it has you playing as various historical characters fighting off “an apocalypse of the absurd." So if you’ve ever dreamt of playing as a chainsaw-wielding Abe Lincoln or an electrified Nikola Tesla, this is the game for you.

Second Chance Heroes is a free to play game, which always comes with a feeling of trepidation, but so far the early impressions in our forums are quite positive. The free to play system seems pretty fair, giving you both Abe Lincoln and Cleopatra as playable characters to start with. Additional characters can be purchased using the premium in-game currency, which is earned through play or available as IAP. There’s also more typical f2p stuff like consumable power-ups, continues, and special abilities called Relics which sound awesome. One type of Relic as explained by the developer in our forums is “King Henry’s Reinforced Toilet Seat [which] drops a toilet from the sky that sucks all enemies nearby into the toilet and then blows them sky high." Nice.

It’ll be interesting to see how the free to play system shakes out long-term, but the concept, visuals and gameplay in Second Chance Heroes are definitely top-notch. It even features online cooperative play so you can band together with your historical figure friends and lay waste to “werewolves, zombies, and sentient cheeseburgers." Be sure to check it out.

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