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‘Surgeon Simulator’ on iPad will Have Eyeball Surgeries

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Last September Bossa Studios revealed that their “100-percent medically inaccurate" simulation game Surgeon Simulator 2013 would most likely be heading to the iPad in early 2014. Last month, they teased more Surgeon Simulator for iPad by introducing a new dentistry mode, as well as a new moniker for the game, Surgeon Simulator – Malpractice Makes Perfect. Today, the developer is teasing yet another new mode for the game, this one dealing with eye surgeries. Check it out.

According to the YouTube description, Bossa states that “We asked what operations you wanted to see in the game, this is what you said…" which is how the eye operations came about. So for that I just want to say thank you, Surgeon Simulator fans. That teaser gave me quite a laugh, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Surgeon Simulator – Malpractice Makes Perfect when it finally comes to the iPad, which according to Bossa is sometime “soon."

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