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‘Surgeon Simulator 2013’ Could Arrive on Tablets Soon

The quirky, gamejam-created Surgeon Simulator 2013 could be arriving on tablets in the future, Joystiq reports. During the Eurogamer Expo over the weekend, Joystiq spoke with the creators of the purposely difficult and “100-percent medically inaccurate" simulation game who had a prototype up and running on a tablet.

If you’re unfamiliar, Surgeon Simulator 2013 launched in January of this year on desktop, and in April on Steam. The game has been critically acclaimed for its over-the-top nature, tasking you with performing surgeries in fantastical situations like the zero-gravity of space, or in the back of a moving ambulance while your surgery instruments are bouncing about across the screen making saving the virtual life harder than it needs to be.

As noted by the developer Bossa Studios, Surgeon Simulator 2013 would be a great fit for the touchscreen, due to the intimacy of the direct control and how that can offer new ways to perform surgeries. One idea they have bouncing around in their heads is a “tooth transplant" where you’d need to break and remove a patient’s teeth and then replace them with new ones, meanwhile chucking away the old teeth down the patients throat. Remind me never to seek medical attention from Bossa Studios.

While the tablet prototype of Surgeon Simulator 2013 was basically thrown together in just a couple of days, Bossa sounds pretty serious about getting a solid port together and releasing it. If they decide to go through with the port there is a slight possibility it could hit before the end of this year, though most likely it would be some time in 2014. We hope to hear more on an iPad version of Surgeon Simulator 2013 in the near future, so be sure to scrub up and get ready in case an iPad version materializes.