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NimbleBit and Milkbag Games Announce ‘Disco Zoo’

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If you’re into awesome collaborations, try this on for size: Matt Rix, creator of Trainyard ($0.99) and Owen Goss, the dude behind LandFormer (Free) and Finger Tied ($2.99) have teamed up with the Brothers Marsh from NimbleBit to release the upcoming title Disco Zoo. Here’s the skinny on the game:

Through casual puzzle gameplay, rescue animals from around the world to live in your very special Disco Zoo. Earn coins from your exhibits and keep the party going for both visitors and animals with disco dancing!

Check out a brief trailer:

The game is said to have the same style of NimbleBit free to play with pixelated animals, and, apparently, loads of disco. It’s coming soon, and seems to be worth being excited for as NimbleBit has been on fire with great game releases.

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