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‘Dungelot 2’ Gets a New Teaser Trailer, Shooting for January Release

dungelot2logoJust about a year ago, Red Winter Software released Dungelot ($0.99), a simplified and approachable take on the roguelike, a genre that can sometimes be intimidating and overly-brutal to the more casual gamer. It totally worked, and Dungelot was a lot of fun for both long-time and new roguelike enthusiasts. Not long after release, the developer announced that a sequel was in the works. We first saw what Dungelot 2 was shaping up like back in March, but work has been moving along on the game all year, and it looks like we’ll finally be getting it in our hands in January. To celebrate, Red Winter sent along a brand new trailer for the game.

The visuals have seen a major upgrade, and a few of the mechanics have been tweaked, but at its core Dungelot 2 looks like it will offer the same sort of pick-up-and-play dungeon crawler as the original that felt like such a perfect fit for a mobile game. There’s plenty more discussion and more info from the developer in our forums, so be sure to check that out and we’ll keep an eye on an exact release date for Dungelot 2 sometime in the early part of next year.