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Telltale and Gearbox Announce ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ Game Series

I love both Telltale games and the Borderlands universe so I’m not sure I can even think of a better mashup than Telltale and Gearbox slamming their proverbial creative heads together on this one. Check out the vague reveal trailer:

…That’s really all we know about the game right now, but Telltale has been fairly predictable with their releases in the past and there’s not much reason to think that won’t also be the case here. What I mean by that, is it’ll be episodic, my money is on five episodes. It’s coming in 2014, and like all their other games, I expect the mobile release will lag a bit behind the others.

I’m super stoked though, if you haven’t yet played Borderlands 2 on PC or consoles, you really should. The universe is incredible, and it’s the perfect setting for a Telltale game.