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‘Galaxy on Fire – Alliances’ Soft-launch Expands to US App Store and Other English-speaking Territories

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It was just a few days ago that the iOS version of the Galaxy on Fire MMO from developer Fishlabs soft-launched in fourteen different territories, but here we are already and the soft-launch of Galaxy on Fire – Alliances (Free) has expanded to include the US and “all English-speaking countries as well as additional territories" according to a developer post on our forums. If you’re not sure if that includes your territory, well, follow the link to your App Store and if the game is there then you’re good to go.

I haven’t dove into Alliances myself just yet, but people in our forums seem to be enjoying it for the most part, and I hear there’s a fairly active TouchArcade Alliance in the game which aren’t to be trifled with. If Galaxy on Fire – Alliances is live in your App Store then give it a download and get on the winning team in the TouchArcade Alliance, and don’t forget to leave your own impressions in the forums to let the rest of the world know what you think.

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