‘Galaxy on Fire Alliances’ Soft Launches in Fourteen Lucky Countries

We’ve been pretty excited for Fish Labs’ new game set in the Galaxy on Fire universe for what feels like years now, we got a fresh sniff of it at GDC, and I’ve been really interested in seeing how this free to play game which is targeted more at “core" gamers is going to do when it’s finally released on the worldwide market.


It vaguely sounds like Clash of Clans in that you do way more than just wait for timers, but also form alliances for much bigger overall combat and territorial goals. The game is currently available in New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands… So, if you’ve got an iTunes account in any of those regions, give the game a spin and dive into our forums to find some people to play with.

International App Store Link: Galaxy on Fire Alliances, Free