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‘Pocket God: Ooga Jump’ Gets a Trailer and a Halloween Release Date

The cult of Pocket God ($0.99) are on the verge of having a new altar to worship upon, in the form of Pocket God: Ooga Jump. We’ve posted about it a bit in the past, and I’ve been playing a build of it on my phone for the past few days. Check out the just-released trailer:

Ooga Jump ticks all the checkboxes of features that a good jumper should have. The controls feel great, there’s an insane amount of objectives to work towards, deadly obstacles to avoid, and heaps of Pocket God flair. Fans of Doodle Jump ($0.99) and Mega Jump (Free) are going to feel right at home, and a new mechanic where you tap the screen to slam down and bounce off platforms a little higher adds some variety to typical platform bouncing gameplay.

On a personal level, I’m super interested to see how Ooga Jump does on the charts when it launches this Halloween for 99¢. I feel like if I was able to pull up some stats of the games I’ve spent the most cumulative time playing on my phone, it’s always these kind of simple portrait mode games you can play in a quick session with one hand, largely because those kind of situations that lend themselves to this style of game are the ones I most often find myself in… But does the world need another jumper? I guess we’ll have to see!