‘Strike Wing: Raptor Rising’, ‘Asterix: Total Retaliation’ and More Hit the New Zealand App Store

Oh Wednesdays, you’re like a little Christmas morning each and every week as a flood of new games hit the New Zealand App Store and slowly make their way across the planet before ending up in the US App Store later tonight. Just like Santa. Sure, sometimes you bring me an ugly sweater or a pair of new socks, and sometimes you bring me a kick ass new bike. But at the very least it’s always exciting to be surprised with what you bring.


With that, it’s looking kind of like a light week so far, but here’s what’s on our radar for this week’s set of new releases, and as always more games may pop up later in the day. Bit.Trip Run! seems like the big ticket item of the day, and don’t forget that Combat Monsters snuck in there early and is already available worldwide so no need to wait around for it.