Rubicon’s ‘Combat Monsters’ Hits the App Store for Free

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We just told you about Combat Monsters (Free) yesterday, but Rubicon Development decided to get a leg up on the normal scheduled Wednesday night releases and have released their new game tonight instead.

You may be familiar with Rubicon by their previous turn-based strategy titles Great Little War Game and Great Big War Game, and tonight’s release Combat Monsters follows in a somewhat similar vein. It’s a turn-based tactical strategy game with a collectible card game twist, though fully in 3D and with tons of different monsters, items and spells to play with. Check out the trailer.

Combat Monsters offers an AI to play against solo, but is more geared towards online multiplayer. It’s cross-platform across PC, iOS and Android, and supports up to 6 different players in a game. It’s all in real-time though, so make sure to set a few minutes aside if you’re going to fire up an online game. An asynchronous mode seems like a natural fit for this game, but it’s not present on release. There’s also a 2-player pass and play mode if you prefer to keep your enemies close.

Impressions in our forums are really positive so far, and since Combat Monsters is free there’s really no reason not to check it out.

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