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Check Out Some Beta Gameplay Footage of ‘Project Joan’

We first caught a glimpse of HappyMagenta’s Project Joan back in early August with a set of lovely looking screens which depicted a pixelized heroine escaping from imprisonment. The game is a sort of runner/shooter hybrid where you swipe to change between floors while avoiding deadly obstacles and blasting away bad guys with an assortment of awesome weaponry. Project Joan has been in beta for the last month or so, and it sounds like the team is making significant strides. They’ve released some gameplay footage of the beta version of Project Joan and it looks like it’s really shaping up. You can see some of the different environments, weapons and power-ups in the video. Check it out.

For more information and some community discussion about Project Joan be sure to check out our forums where the developers have been recruiting beta participants and actively posting news about the title. I for one really can’t wait to get my hands on the game, especially after having watched it evolve from a simple set of screens and some cool ideas into something that seems much more fleshed out and fun, as displayed in this latest video. We’ll continue to bring you news on Project Joan‘s development as it pushes on towards release.