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‘Angry Birds Go!’ Gets a Gameplay Trailer, Release Date, and a Ridiculous Amount of Merchandising

We’ve been speculating what Angry Birds Go! was going to be all about since we first heard of it, and after today’s gameplay trailer it’d seem that it’s probably going to be the closest thing to Mario Kart available on the App Store. Per the trailer, it closely follows the kart racer formula, with tons of racers, power-ups, and customizable karts, check it out:

Angry Birds Go! is going to launch on December 11th, while a “Countdown app" for the game will be released this Halloween. Of course it wouldn’t be a Rovio product launch without tons of merchandising, and so far they’ve got clothing, accessories, and Angry Birds Go! footwear in the works. Additionally, gift wrap and greeting cards are in the pipeline along with luggage, candy, books, posters, guides, and sporting goods. Oh, and telepods, which you can already pick up at the store.