‘The Blockheads’ Trains and Technology Update is Now Available

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A few weeks back we detailed an upcoming update for Majic Jungles 2D crafting game The Blockheads (Free), and as of today that update has gone live in the App Store. To briefly summarize, this update is called the “Trains and Technology" update and it adds–you guessed it–trains and technology to the game. More specifically, you can now build steam engine trains to transport your Blockheads and supplies great distances, or you can build a manually-driven hand cart and build ramps out of track if you just feel like tricking out. In addition, the ability to harvest and store electricity has been added to the game, which adds all sorts of possibilities.

Update: Here is a really slick video a Blockheads beta tester put together showcasing all the new stuff in the latest update.

This update also adds a bunch of multiplayer enhancements, and the game has just launched for Android too which means you can now Blockhead-it-up online with other players cross-platform style. There are many, many, many more little details, fixes and new features built into the Trains and Technology update, and you can get the full rundown from the update text in the App Store description. The Blockheads was already one of the best “2D Minecraft" games available, and now with new technology options, trains to build, and an increased player pool with the addition of Android players it’s even better than it was before. For free, there’s really no reason not to check out The Blockheads.

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