‘Star Wars Pinball’ Balance of the Force Update Hitting October 14th, Trailer Released for Starfighter Assault Table

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We first got word last month that both the standalone Star Wars Pinball ($1.99) app and the all-encompassing Zen Pinball (Free) app would be getting a set of three new Star Wars tables in the near future, and just a little more than a week later we got our first look at one of those new tables in trailer form, showcasing the table themed after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. This week, Zen Studios has announced that the update, which is dubbed the Balance of the Force pack, will be arriving on October 14th, and they’ve released another new trailer showing off a table named Starfighter Assault.

What I love about these Zen Studios tables is that they fully embrace the fact that they are video game pinball tables. The base table itself looks like something you might actually find in a real life arcade, but there is always tons of fantastical stuff going on that is very much not possible in real life. In the case of Starfighter Assault, that means tons of ships flying around blasting laser fire at each other, a massive Star Destroyer rolling up on your table, and even what appears to be a mini-game which thrusts you into a full-blown cockpit view of your own ship as you chase down and shoot up some bad dudes. Seriously, how freaking cool is that?

I’d imagine we’ll be getting a glimpse at the third and final table in the Balance of the Force pack, which is themed after Darth Vader, before the official release on October 14th, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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