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Upcoming ‘Implosion’ Looks Even Better in this Developer Hands-On Video

A couple of weeks ago, I sort of stumbled across a trailer in our forums for an upcoming game called Implosion from Rayark Games, and it was the sort of thing that was right up my alley. It featured a mech-like protagonist in fast-action gameplay similar to games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. Basically, beating up a bunch of bad dudes and looking like a bad ass while doing it. Most people seemed to agree that Implosion looked awesome, but lots of questions arose about how the game would control on the touchscreen, a valid concern with action games like this. Well, Rayark has responded to that with this lengthy hands-on demo which shows Implosion being controlled with a pretty standard set of virtual controls. The first half of the video shows the game running on an iPad mini, while the latter half shows it on an iPhone 5.

The original trailer for Implosion looked great, with various snippets from the game along with grand music and dramatic soundbites from the storyline. However, sometimes seeing a game in action directly does more to get me excited than even a well-produced trailer can, and that’s the case here. I was sold on Implosion already, but oh boy I’m really sold now. The various offensive attacks, that giant boss enemy, the seemingly flawless framerate and smooth animations even when many enemies are on screen. Implosion just looks great so far.

I’m eager to see more, so hopefully Rayark continues to keep us in the loop as development continues, and be sure to check out what people in our forums are saying as well. Implosion is set for release sometime in 2014.