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Mercy the Vampire Struts Her Stuff in New Video of ‘Fright Fight’

We first caught wind of Fright Fight, an upcoming arena-based fighter in a similar vein as Super Smash Brothers, back in June, and shortly thereafter got a brief trailer of an extremely early version of the game in action. It certainly looked rough, but showed lots of promise. Fright Fight development continues to march onward, and developer AppSolute Games will be rolling out short videos showcasing each of the characters which will be in the initial release of the game. The first of those is now available, and shows Mercy the vampire and a few of her moves as well as a much more polished-looking version of the game.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for further videos, as there’s still bigfoot, werewolf, and grim reaper characters confirmed for launch. A soft-launch of Fright Fight is planned for early October, with a final release planned for roughly a month after that. If Fright Fight has captured your interest, stay tuned for more in the near future.