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Check Out the Animated Short ‘Infinity Blade: Origins’, the Introduction to ‘Infinity Blade III’

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Infinity Blade III was officially unveiled at Apple’s iPhone keynote this week, and to the delight of many the game will be launching worldwide next week on September 18th. Today Epic and Chair have unveiled Infinity Blade: Origins, an animated short which recounts the events of the first two Infinity Blade games and acts as the introductory cutscene in Infinity Blade III. It’s awesome, check it out.

We’ve got Infinity Blade III in our grubby little hands and can confirm that this sucker is good. However, both Eli and myself have been talking about how neither of us paid much attention to the storylines in the Infinity Blade games, but are starting to wish we had. Especially with the two novels, ‘Infinity Blade: Awakening’ and the newly-released ‘Infinity Blade: Redemption‘ fleshing out the lore so much, I’m anxious to dive back into the first two games over the weekend and try to play a little catch up. We’ll have more coverage of Infinity Blade III leading up to its release, so hang tight.

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