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Be a Total BAMF in Upcoming Brawler ‘Big Action Mega Fight!’

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There’s nothing I like better than a good old fashioned side-scrolling brawler, and the folks at the awesomely-named developer Double Stallion have got me all excited about their equally awesomely-named upcoming title Big Action Mega Fight! (or BAMF! for short). BAMF! is seemingly pretty straightforward–you play as a Brick, a tough dude with a handlebar moustache, who runs around beating up on all sorts of no good punks. Also there are explosive chickens everywhere, for some reason. That alone has me sold on this game.

Luckily, it’s not all just exploding chickens and moustaches, as there seems to be an array of upgradeable skills and special power-ups to use during all the fisticuff action. You can tell there’s plenty of inspiration from classic arcade brawlers in BAMF!, and it all just seems deliciously over the top. Big Action Mega Fight! is coming “soon" to the App Store, and now that this bad boy is on my radar you can expect to hear about any further news as it’s available. Plus I just like saying BAMF!

[Pocket Gamer]

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