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Creepy Sci-fi FPS ‘Dead Effect’ Launching Next Week

If you’ve got a craving for a new first-person shooter on your iOS device, there is a pretty cool looking one coming out next week. It’s called Dead Effect, from a small team of developers and set to be published by Bulkypix. It’s got a heavy sic-fi theme with all sorts of glowy lights and metallic spaceship environments, and of course… zombies. Eh, in this case I kind of like the use of zombies here. Story-wise, you’re awakened from a cryo-sleep on the ESS Meridian to find your ship overrun with zombies. Naturally, your job is to blast the crap out of every last one of them. Check out the trailer.

Dead Effect gives me a creepy feeling, kind of like the movie Event Horizon mixed with a little Doom 3. I like that feeling. The developers have been dishing out all sorts of information in our forums, and you can expect a short-but-sweet 2-3 hour single player campaign, endless survival mode, and plenty of cool weapons and boss fights. Sadly, no multiplayer is planned at this time. One big bonus that a lot of people should appreciate is that the plan is to release Dead Effect for $3.99 and have no in-app purchases of any kind. Down the line, things like extra character skins or new levels may be offered, but right off the bat what you pay for is what you’ll get with Dead Effect.

If this has captured your interest check out the aforementioned forum thread for more screens and info, and look out for Dead Effect to launch next week on September 12th.