‘2K Drive’ Races On To The App Store

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2K’s foray into the iOS racing scene just hit the App Store worldwide. 2K Drive ($6.99) seems to be 2K’s answer to games like Real Racing 3 (Free), Asphalt 8 (Free), and other high-quality racers of the App Store. Featuring things like “RaceFace," which sounds a lot like the hilarious face importing process of Bloodmasque, 2K Drive seems to have boatloads of customization between tweaking out your garage of licensed supercars to your in-game driver.

As we’ve seen in the developer diaries that have been released, 2K Drive has loads of content to power through, both in the quantity and types of races as well as some more ridiculous game modes that use your existing cars and the game’s physics engine in fun (and sometimes silly) ways. Of course it also sports full multiplayer, all sorts of social junk, and oodles of progression through unlocks to work towards.

Check out the launch trailer:

The release of 2K Drive this morning was a bit of a surprise, so stick with us as we start pouring through the game to see where it finishes in the proverbial iOS App Store racing game, err, race. Of course there’s already a thread for the game on our forums with tons of first impressions, so take a look at that too.

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