TA Plays Multiplayer: ‘Junk Jack X’- The Misadventures of Eli and Jared

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584735_largerThis morning Jared and I hopped into some Junk Jack X ($4.99) multiplayer to see what there is to see. It turns out it works incredibly well, all seamlessly over Game Center. Aside from some initial connection bumps in the road, we were both adventuring together inside of my brand new and unexplored Junk Jack X world.

Keep in mind, since so much of these types of games revolve around building an infrastructure of stuff, harvesting loads of materials, and crafting massive bases this overview is a little on the basic side. We’re going to play the game way more over the weekend and revisit Junk Jack X once we’ve got all the things needed to play the game on a more advanced level. Regardless, multiplayer works great and even though we basically just get lost in a cave and die a lot at night, we had a ton of fun.

If you’ve got friends who are into the whole Minecraft-y thing to play with, picking up Junk Jack X seems like a total no-brainer. These games are always super overwhelming at the start, so stay tuned for a more in-depth look, a review, and tons more Junk Jack X coverage very soon.

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