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Make Matches, Level Up, then Beat People Up Online in the Upcoming ‘Puzzle Knights’

As we’ve noted many times before here at TouchArcade, if you toss “RPG elements" into practically any genre of game, it usually makes that game infinitely more engaging. One such genre that really benefits from that tactic is match-3. Leveling up and progressing a character can make all that monotonous matching feel all the more meaningful, but if you give me a chance to take that leveled-up character online and beat the crap out of someone with it? Well, I’m sold. That’s the crux of the upcoming Puzzle Knights from developer Mojaro, as laid out in this trailer.

Late last year, Mojaro released KnightScape (Free) to the App Store, a 3rd-person runner that valiantly tried some cool new ideas to try and freshen up the genre, but fell short for me in the actual gameplay department. It did feature a slick character upgrade system though, so I’m hoping to see some of that taken to the next level with Puzzle Knights. At any rate, I’m eager to see how it all turns out when Puzzle Knights launches sometime in September.