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Level-5 Also Announces ‘Layton 7’ for 3DS and Mobile, Doesn’t Look Very Layton-y

More news coming out of Level-5 as along with their newly announced RPG Wonderflick, the Japanese developer has also announced that a new Layton game is heading to both 3DS and mobile, as reported by VG 24/7. You may remember that earlier this year Level-5 released Layton Brothers Mystery Room (Free), a game that itself was decent enough but really didn’t feel like it belonged in the world of Professor Layton at all. Based on the brief clip of Layton 7 shown below, via, this particular apple seems to have fallen pretty far from the tree as well.

Layton 7 is described as a puzzle RPG where you’ll mill around a tiny 3D town and will take control of up to 7 different characters, which you can sort of see in action in the video above. There may also be some sim elements to the town and characters, but the one thing I do know is that this sure doesn’t look like the Professor Layton games I know and love from my Nintendo DS days. At any rate, I’ll hold off judgement until I can actually try it out myself, and when more news surfaces on if and when Layton 7 heads to the US we’ll let you know.

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