Kairosoft Releases Apartment Management Sim ‘Dream House Days’ On The App Store

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631071_largerKairosoft’s Dream House Days (Free), which debuted earlier this week, kinda has a bad name. It isn’t so much about building a dream home as it is maintaining and managing a profitable apartment complex brimming with upscale tenants. Apartment Manager Story is a better fit for this one, as it seems to tell the story of a manager who starts with almost nothing, and yet somehow manages to build the best apartment complex ever.

Dream House Days plays like most other Kairosoft releases, and that may be a good or a bad thing for you depending on where you stand with the studio’s knack for giving users a bunch of mechanics and systems to consider without really explaining the pros and cons of choosing one thing over the other. In the game, you buy rooms in your complex, set up furnishings to draw the best possible tenants, and then collect cash. In turn, you’ll be able to buy better stuff and draw even better tenants. As you play, you’ll slowly learn that some items or furnishings are better suited to draw specific tenants or buff stats of tenants. It seems simple, but you never really know how systems are going to interact with each other until you experiment, which can lead to some hiccups.

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It’s important to note that this is free-to-play and a lot of stuff is locked behind a $4.99 IAP wall. Things like landscape mode, for instance. Also, the game has a ticket system. Tickets are good to have since they unlock jobs and apartment sizes, but unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, you’ll probably need to buy one or two.

Dream House Days just launched, so we’re pretty early into it. We’ll be back with a full review on the game in the coming days, but if you’re even vaguely interested give it a shot since it’s free and all.

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