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Simogo Reveals New Game ‘Device 6’ via Teaser Trailer

If Simogo’s fantastic Year Walk, left you hungry for more, you’re in luck. The Swedish studio is “getting the band back together," so to speak, and once again bringing Jonas Tarestad onboard to write the story and Daniel Olsén to compose the music. Check out how this all (very mysteriously, I might add) goes together in the trailer:

Device 6 is a “surreal thriller" that seems to be set in the context of something more similar to a game book. Following a character named Anna who wakes up on a remote island with a classic case of amnesia, Simogo “blends puzzle and novella, to draw players into an intriguing mystery of technology and neuroscience."

For more information on the game, check out Simogo’s blog post. Otherwise, if you want to just go into this title knowing as little as possible for the best spoiler-free experience, add it to your TouchArcade app watch list and we’ll ping you when it’s finally available “this year."