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‘Puddle’ Dripping Onto iOS Later Today, Insert Another Water Joke Here


In general, I’m not a huge fan of accelerometer games. Conceptually, finger-free control is a cool idea, but few games that use tilt are willing to really embrace the imprecision that comes along with the control method. As a result, you usually just change to an easier one: buttons.

That’s why one of tonight’s releases, Puddle, is kinda surprising. It’s a tilt game that defaults to touch, and operates best as a tilt game. It’s also pretty fun, though a little old — it saw a release originally back in 2012 for a host of platforms.

To rewind a bit, Puddle is a physics-based … almost puzzle-y game where you navigate a big glop of ooze through obstacles and eventually to an end goal. To give you a better idea, in the second mission, for instance, you’re put in charge of pushing a puddle of water through a series of pipes while avoiding spots of heat that’ll evaporate it. The faster you push the water through, the less likely it’ll evaporate.

The overall design leans heavily on tilt to move varying liquids down and up and left to right, and it all feels pretty good. The physics on masses as they break into globs is a big deal, as they encourage you to tilt thoughtfully as you struggle to keep pieces from getting lost as you push onward.

This’ll sound weird, but if you’re looking for a good tilt experience, maybe Puddle will be up your alley. Just remember to switch to tilt from the Options menu.

Puddle hits tonight at 11:00PM EST. International link below:

International App Store Link: Puddle, $2.99 (Universal)