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First Look at ‘Knightmare Tower’, iOS Port of Juicy Beast’s Popular Flash Game

knightmareEarlier this month we learned that Juicy Beast Studio was releasing an enhanced port of their Flash hit Knightmare Tower to the App Store, and that bad boy is getting ready to land in the US later tonight. I’ve been playing around with the iOS release and, like their previous game Burrito Bison ($0.99), Knightmare Tower is a simple but deceptively deep arcade game that suits mobile like a glove.

In Knightmare Tower, you play as a knight on a mission to rocket up a seemingly endless tower, saving princesses, slashing enemies, and collecting coins along the way. As you soar upwards enemies approach from all around, and tapping the screen causes your knight to do a downward thrust with his trusty sword.

Like any good game of this kind, there’s a constant threat chasing you to motivate you to keep going, in this case a pool of deadly lava that’s rapidly filling the tower. You’ll tilt your device to move side to side and use your downward attack on enemies to stay airborne, like hopping across a pond on lilypads, and to keep out of the reach of the lava.

Should you miss an enemy and fly down off the screen it’s ok, you’ll just bounce back up again into the play area, but each time you do miss you’re giving the lava a chance to catch up. You also have 3 health hearts which will absorb attacks from enemies until they are gone.

Knightmare Tower isn’t strictly endless, though there is an unlockable endless mode. In the normal campaign you’ll break through the different floors of the tower at set intervals, each time saving a princess until you’ve finally rescued all ten of them.

I’ve only put a short amount of time into Knightmare Tower so far, but I’m having a blast. There’s also a whole upgrade and power-up system for your knight so you can continuously trick him out and make him better, thus making it easier to get farther and farther into the tower. Folks in our forums seem to be digging Knightmare Tower so far too, so add it to your TouchArcade (Free) Watch List to get a notification when it hits the US App Store later tonight.

International App Store Link: Knightmare Tower, $2.99 (Universal)