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Gameloft and Marvel Announce ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Hack-and-Slash

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Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game is an actual name of an upcoming game. And just so we’re clear here because that title sure isn’t, it’ll be THE official tie-in game for Thor: The Dark World, an upcoming movie starring Chris Hemsworth’s crazy big delts.

Dark World is being developed by Gameloft in partnership with Marvel, Gameloft says in today’s announcement materials for the game. And you know what? It could be pretty rad. The footage we’ve got below reveals it as a hack-and-slash, which is a good genre for a hero that hits things with a hammer. Also, Gameloft is pretty good at making these kinds of games, if Dungeon Hunter 4’s solid mechanics are any indication of skill.

We don’t know much more about this one outside of the fact that it’s hitting this fall as a free-to-play title and it’ll pack in social hooks “where fans join forces to earn victory." As more information comes, we’ll bring it to you.


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