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There’s an Officially Licensed ‘Firefly’ Game Headed to iOS Next Year

If your thirst for all things Firefly wasn’t quenched by the movie Serenity, and you own an iOS device, you’re in luck. Fox Digital Entertainment has a Firefly game in the works titled Firefly Online scheduled to launch next summer. Gameplay revolves around recruiting crews and leading missions while trading various loots with other players. It’s even going to be cross platform, so iOS and Android buddies can play together.

Details are vague right now beyond some PR-speak about how awesome the game is going to be, and what’s included in the above trailer. They are referring to Firefly Online as an “MMO," which could be a very good thing or a very bad thing. I’m going to exercise some cautious optimism while we wait for more information on the game to inevitably leak out over the next few months.

[via Polygon]