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Gameloft Reveals ‘Modern Combat 5’ in New E3 Trailer

Hold on a second. I left my notes by the coffee maker. OK, got them. So, Modern Combat 5 is a video game. It features the following: explosions, a red bicycle, explosions, guns, explosions, busted up statues, crows, and standard first-person action. That’s what I’ve gathered so far from watching the game’s first trailer, which debuted this morning while I was still in the thick of my breakfast.

In hindsight, it’s not the most revealing bit of video on the web, but this is the fifth game in a series called Modern Combat. I think we all know what to expect at this point. That’s to say, lots of screaming, shooting, scripted scenes, and plenty of perk-filled multiplayer action.

Creator Gameloft isn’t talking about release dates or price just yet. If I had to guess, this information is going to be dished out at E3 next week.