Telltale Teases Something ‘Walking Dead: The Game’ Related

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I’ve watched Telltale Games’s super teaser-y Walking Dead: The Game (Free) Vine video around, oh, 200 times, and I’m still not sure what it’s trying to sell me. Is it just a first look at some of the characters from the upcoming second season? Or is it some sort of tease for the “something extra" coming between season one and two? I guess this means these guys made a good teaser, huh?

Any ideas? I see that Vince guy, but I don’t recognize him from the comics or the first season of the game. Same goes for the lady. As for the words “evacuate immediately to designated shelters," that just seems like… something you’d do if, say, the dead got up and started eating folks.

Walking Dead: The Game season 2, by the way, is slated for this fall. As noted before, the mysterious “something extra" should hit before that.

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