Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode 1 – Puzzle Solutions Guide

099823_larger-150x150If you’re the kind who loves adventure games that have some great puzzles, but eventually reach a breaking point, Jacob Jones will feel right at home for you.

As I stated when I reviewed the game, some of the puzzles can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the adventure puzzle game genre, while only a couple of them will leave you wondering why they seem so simple compared to the rest of them.

If you need any help at all, this quick puzzle guide will give you solutions to all the puzzles. SPOILER WARNING: These are straight answers. I don’t try to gently lead you to the right conclusion, I just give you what the game is looking for.

Without further ado…

Puzzle 1: Ripe For a Swipe
Start on the upper right dot.


Puzzle 2: Log Jam
This one is simple when you figure out how the block moves. Swipe the screen in this order: down, right, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, up, right.

Your total number of moves should be 11.
Achievement earned: Unjammed

Puzzle 3: Pack Mentality
1) Move blue backup up as far as it will go.
2) Move pink microscope to the left so it’s sitting flush ith the yellow notepad/paint brush.
3) Move the camera tripod to the bottom part (below the dotted line) and to the far left.
4) Move pink microscope to the bottom part and to the far right.
5) Move blue backpack straight down so the mouth of the bear is sitting on the tripod.
6) Move pink microscope back up top.
7) Move blue backpack to far right, where the microscope was.
8) Move camera tripod back up.

Your total number of moves should be eight.
Achievement earned: Quick Packer

Puzzle 4: Cell Reception
Tap on the cell that is swimming in the opposite direction of all the others.

Puzzle 5: First Refusal


Your total number of moves should be 8.

Puzzle 6: Shelf Life

Arrange the items so they match the image.


Puzzle 7: Pizza Party

Cut the pizza according to the image.


Puzzle 8: Where Sheep

You can place whichever villager at whichever intersection, it doesn’t matter who goes where.


Puzzle 9: Rolling Blunder
Swipe the screen in this order: Left, down, left, down, left, left, up, left, right, right, down, left, up, up, right, up, right, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, up, right, up, up, left.

Your total number of moves should be 26.
Achievement earned: Low Roller

Puzzle 10: Like a Charm
1) Move the red bugs to the bottom right so that they push the grey ones to the right as well.
2) Move the cat to the right and put it next to the penguins.
3) Move the grey bugs to the left so the ladybugs get pushed to the spot just below where the cat was.
4) Move the grey bugs upwards, pushing on the cat, as they will now go in a circle, which will lead the cat charm to the end.

Your total number of moves should be 4.

Puzzle 11: Tough Little Guys
Put the ribbon on the orange action figure. Simple, right?

Puzzle 12: Barbecued Legs

The answer is 13.


Puzzle 13: A Note of Friendship
1) Second from right
2) Third from right
3) Third from left
4) Far left
5) Second from left

Your total number of moves should be 5.

Puzzle 14: Knot So Easy
Lots of trial and error for this one. Move the knots until they all turn a light brown. He will then fall, and puzzle completed.

Puzzle 15: The Conqueror
Pull Kromedome in front of the door with the tiger.

Puzzle 16: Extra Charming

The answer is 12.


Puzzle 17: Song of Stone

Put the puzzle together by rotating the pieces and assembling them according to the image. The Z shaped piece is not used.


Puzzle 18: Something Smells Good
The answer is D 4.

Puzzle 19: Skunk in a Funk


Puzzle 20: Sister Act


The answer is 30.

Puzzle 21: That Ain’t Sitting Right
Swipe in the following order: right, right, right, left, left, left, right, right, right, right, left, right

Your total number of moves should be 12.

Puzzle 22: No Extra Charge


Puzzle 23: Happy Skies


Puzzle 24: Circuit Training
1) Move red circuit right and on top of green circuit.
2) Move blue circuit straight down to where red was.
3) Move purple circuit left and down on top of blue circuit.
4) Move red circuit to top right so the light comes on.
5) Move green circuit to the top left and connect it so the light comes on.
6) Move purple circuit up in between green and red.
7) Move blie circuit to the bottom right so it locks in place and the light comes on.
8) Move purple circuit to the last remaining spot at the bottom left.

Your total number of moves should be 8.

Achievement earned: Circuit Trained