War Balloon Talks About Future ‘Star Command’ Updates

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079234_largerFollowing what appears to have been a pretty successful release across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Star Command ($2.99) creator War Balloon has announced that it’s starting to work on some pretty big updates to the game as it, simultaneously, starts porting it across Mac, PC, and Android.

The list of new stuff War Balloon has in mind is pretty exhaustive, but wicked cool. For one, it plans to give fire the ability to spread, which should really jack up the frenzy of battle. Also, ship destructibility is in the works. You may or may not know this, but apparently your ship can’t really blow up and you don’t necessarily HAVE to fix damage.

Squad grouping, automatic healing and repair, cloud saves, and the removal of ammunition tokens are all on deck, too, as eventual updates. War Ballon outlines the whys for each of these improvements, tweaks or overhauls. The update’s neat reading if you’re really into the game or need some weird sort of validation.

Last but not least: away teams are said to be coming down the line as well. “The focus here is on planet exploration and enemy ship invasion," War Balloon writes in the update. “These are VERY different systems and will take some time to get right. They are our focus for the PC / Mac version of the game, but will be seen across the platforms.

“You would probably be surprised with how far along we are with them and they should really expand the game from cool simulator to something very epic," War Ballon adds.

Star Command is pretty cool and we’re excited to see it grow. There’s no doubt about that. As for a timeline when will see any of this? War Balloon isn’t setting anymore release dates, which is a good thing.

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