TA Plays: ‘Slender Rising’ – A Scary First-Person Slender Game

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640421_largerEarlier this afternoon, Jared and I turned off our lights and tried to enjoy a round or six of Slender Rising ($2.99). It’s a first-person horror game that plays pretty similarly to Epic Citadel (Free) — except for the part where some tall, faceless dude appears to attack you. Presented across several spooky environments, Slender Rising tasks users with finding notes left by … someone and avoiding the Slenderman in the process.

It’s hard to tell who owns this property or, really, who even had the idea to do a game like this first, so we don’t comment much on that in the video. What is kinda clear is that this is the Slender game fans have really responded to, and for good reason: it’s not a bad video game.

Slender Rising has seen a lot of updates since its initial debut, so hey, maybe now’s the time to check it out again if you weren’t so happy with the initial launch. If you’re already happy with and at an MLG-level with Rising, have fun laughing at two idiots trying to play.


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