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Hey, A ‘World War Z’ Movie Tie-In Game Is Happening

Horn ($1.99) creator Phosphor Games is working on a World War Z movie tie-in game, IGN reports on its mobile blog. It’s scheduled to hit mobile devices this May 30. Details on this one are few and far between, but the teaser trailer IGN secured does shed some light on what this thing will be packing. Notably, it’ll have zombies. Also, helicopters. And human arms. And crowbars. Here’s the trailer:

Bad movie tie-in games (and even worse zombie games for that matter) are incredibly common on the App Store, so it’s probably very wise to keep your expectations in check on this one. Don’t get us wrong, it’d be neat to if Phosphor can pull this off, but it seems like time and money are always short on these sorts of projects especially given the typical scope of mobile games and the relatively low development budgets that App Store price points even allow.

Fingers cautiously optimistically crossed!

[via IGN]