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‘XCOM Enemy Unknown’ on iOS Won’t Let You Buy Power-Ups

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In case you were worried: If a group of Muton Berserkers surround your rookies in XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iPad or iPhone, you’ll just have to deal with the inevitable heartbreak, as the upcoming port will not have any sort of gross pay-to-win power-up scheme, Firaxis designer Jake Solomon assured IGN the other day.

Here’s what he said:

“Oh god, please … no. I’m not sure I would be able to sleep at night. My food would taste like ashes in my mouth."

Smooth, right? Take this more as a comfort instead of a surprise since the pitch has been that this will be “the exact same game" as the PC and console releases (which we’re taking to mean mechanically the same since Firaxis is downgrading the visuals and the scale of maps in the porting process). Hit that IGN article for more details on these early specifics.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown should be out this summer. Word is that it’ll actually carry a price tag, which is refreshing to say the least.

[via IGN]

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