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Retro-style FPS ‘Gun Commando’ Heading to iOS this Month

I’m a big old-school first-person shooter fan, but the problem is that there is a finite supply of old-school shooters. I’ve played Doom and Duke Nukem 3D dozens of times over the years, so as fun as those games still can be the surprises are all but gone.

That’s why I find Gun Commando from Abstraction Games so interesting. It’s essentially an old-school shooter in spirit, but it’s brand new, originally made for PlayStation Mobile devices back in January of this year. Now Gaming Blend reports that the throwback shooter is making its way to iOS devices this month. Here’s the original trailer for Gun Commando.

You can expect typical retro-FPS tropes in Gun Commando, like an alien invasion storyline and mindless blasting of bad guys, but they’ve also built a clever weapon upgrading system into the game that feels like a modern touch. Each weapon will morph into an upgraded version based on you landing consecutive shots on foes. So you’ll actually be rewarded for careful aim and consistency.

No firm price or release date beyond the vague April has been announced, but I’ll be looking forward to getting my frag on in Gun Commando at some point this month.

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