Freebie Alert: ‘The Blocks Cometh’ Goes Free to Celebrate iPhone 5 Support

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Alright, so posting about iPhone 5 updates might be a little old hat these days, considering the iPhone 5 came out in, um, September of last year… But, you can’t miss out on a game this good when it’s free. The Blocks Cometh (Free) is a great game with a simple premise: Survive as long as you can by avoiding and climbing on top of the endless supply of boxes falling from the sky.

This simple gameplay mechanic is greatly enhanced by a silly amount of playable characters that you can unlock. Each have a slightly different play style, and can make the way you approach the game change substantially. For instance, dudes with a more powerful attack can get away with destroying more blocks, while guys who can jump well are often better off relying on acrobatics to survive.

Oh, and to make things even better, you can play as me, Brad, and Jared in the game if you’re a bad enough dude to unlock us. If you missed it the last time the game went free, now’s your opportunity to snag it. If you’ve already got the game on your phone, and you’re rocking an iPhone 5, be sure to grab the new widescreen update.

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